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GOOGLE MAP - GPS Northing (N): 45.89056, GPS Easting (E): 14.37263

Contact: Matjaž Mazi - Gsm: 00386 40 329 932, tel.: 00386 1 754 61 24, 00386 1 754 70 00


Pekel Inn (or Hell's Inn in English) is situated at the bottom of Pekel canyon near Borovnica, only 15 minutes away from Vrhnika. Driving through Bistra where you can visit The Museum of Technology and then Borovnica, turn to Ohonica here there's canyon's well. There we'll great you warmly: ''Welcome to Pekel''.
Pekel canyon,where our little, personalheaven is situated, is only 25 minutes drive from Ljubljana. In the hot summer days you can refresh and calm yourselves sitting bythe mighty falls, while in winter one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fallsare all new, so you can climb to the top enjoy the full beauty of the nature.


We offer avarietyof food. We arefamous for our trouts that we keep in the little creek next to the restaurant. Our amiable staff will offer you a widerange of tasty dishes, such us: mushrooms soup, beef soup home made noodles, grilled porcini, octopus salad, crawfishvin Chardonnay, wild boar medallions, deer steakwith cranberries, tasty Florentine steak, beefsteak, noodles with truffles, crawfish brodetto with polenta, black risotto, seafood delicacies with chard and potatoes.


And after a good mealcomes a glass of good wine. We offer Refošk, Chardonnay from Primorska, light Cviček from Šentjernejvand semi-dry white wine from Štajerska. For the lovers of short drinks there are homemade Brinjevec. (a sort of gin) blueberry schnapps and limoncello with sage.
For all ofyou who enjoy in sweetsand cakes, we offer the following: our legendary Peklenšček,raspberry cake, frozen blueberry cake, yoghurt panna cota, coconut cake, and a number of various soft rolls.
We also make cakes to gofor any of the occasions, and organize weddingreceptions, birthday parties and other, depending on your particular wishes. We can offer two spacius rooms (the firstone holding 30 seats, andthe second one, so called hunter's room, holds 20 seats). The central room has enough room for 100 people. During the warm summer nights, you can enjoy your lunches or dinners on the roofed over terrace.


What areyou waiting for? Get away from the city and come to ''Pekel'', a family restaurant with over 40 years long tradition. You're all welcome for lunch, dinner or the pure enjoyment of the beautiful nature.We can guarantee you'll be satisfied.
We also offer wide range of high-quality wines from New Zealand (Montana) and Chile (Casillero del Diablo: Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenere, Don Melchor, Reserva Privada and Sauvignon Blanc). Casillero del Diablo hides a secret over 100 years old. It's founder, Don Melchor, wanted to keep away the wines from the best harvets to himself. So, to keep away the unwanted guests, he spread the word that there was a devil living in the cellar. Therefore the name of the winery Cassilero del Diablo, or devil's cellar ALL WINES ARE FOR SALE AT PROMOTIONAL PRICES.